A double adjustable unit for the experienced user for competition or fast road riding

The M Shock 2 is a truly independent double adjustable shock absorber with one 48 click adjuster for rebound and another for compression. The two adjusters are completely independent.
This offers the experienced user a multitude of possibilities to suit different circuits and weather conditions. The M Shock 2 has already helped win numerous World and National championships.

Too soft? Add a click or two from the 48 click range and feel the difference.

Too firm? You can soften the damping as you wish.


Each and every component and technique used to manufacture the M Shock is chosen to maximise reliability and long life.
Every single shock is tested on one of our Roehrig shock dynos and the damping curves for each unit are saved against the shock's unique serial number.
Top quality components, materials and surface treatments together with our long experience guarantee a long lasting product with an excellent performance.


All of these features enable us to offer a two year guarantee with unlimited mileage.
Our after sales service offers rapid servicing and repairs. See here for details of our guarantee.


Our experience in conception, design and manufacturing enables us to minimise costs without compromising the quality of our shock absorbers.

Our philosophy is firstly to privilege the product and then to eliminate any unnecessary costs.

Factory M-SHOCK 2 shock absorber with ride height adjuster
Factory M-SHOCK 2 shock absorber with ride height adjuster

Ride Height Adjuster Option

This option offers an adjustable length shock absorber which enables you to alter the height of the machine without changing the spring preload.

Primarily used in competition to modify the geometry of the machine, the ride height adjuster can also be useful in changing the height of a machine to suit riders of different heights.